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Michael A Poole REMOTE WORK CV/Bio specially constructed website in compliance with teaching by Gregory at Blockchain University. My credentials are MASCE, MASME, MIEEE, MIET, MBCS, ACIARB, BSC, AGED 60, CANADIAN/BRITISH/JERSEY. My_Relatives

My other job...

My second other job...

Please contact me initiallly via LinkedIn for job offers. Remote working and joint ventures will both be considered. This site gets a lot of traffic so act fast. Thanks.


This is more of a work/employment based website now with links to for some truth about me and Dapp University where I took a course in dropping NFTs for prospective employers/contractors and have now enrolled in Blockchain Mastery University.

Also there will be a link to a smart contract I deployed to the main ethereum blockchain for a full gas fee payment with Metamask verified for another full gas fee in memory of my Dad who died during my training.

ArthurPoole19262021 ethereum blockchain verified contract memorial
same sort of thing on the Ropsten testnet for my gradad LeopoldBenNussbaumVRothschild18871958 contract memorial
and PaulaBatSimonVBaer19041977

My plan is to build out a simple front end for both of the above two ropsten front ends also on ropsten. A lot of people have some sort of ropsten chain access or can easily get it including any potential employers.

Some simple legal front end I built to the standard ERC20 contract.

Some simple ERC-20 open zeppelin code I tried to compile on Remix that I knew would fail to compile because the import dependencies at the top of the code were not available for POOLE coin symbol POOL.
I decided not to compile it on a testnet or deploy it on one previously. The name therefore does not live on because it did not compile and deploy. It taught me a good lesson though and might get me a job one day hence this textarea block.

This one got published for good to the IPFS. As you can see it can be used to change over the owner of Buckingham Palace if required.
Probably legal is all I can really say about it.

To follow on from my tech Dad for US$500 I will put a solidity Dapp contract on the ethereum blockchain for whatever word clients want as a contract word instead of ArthurPoole19262021 and supply two ipfs links with your data as permanent evidence and a permanent record.

I built the memorial on Remix saving the IPFS links for bytecode and abi json I verified on etherscan with an ethereum loaded metamask account and the injected web3 setting in Remix.

My next job is to repeat similar in truffle on a testnet like rinkeby in the youtube above to get more IPFS links for new bytecode and abi json and a contract address. Not sure if the rinkeby contract address is good for etherscan though. Yes it is I just found out on with the rinkeby contract deployment address from Remix...

A second project I have completed is a price bot measuring the MKR coin price every 3 seconds. It uses the Infura network to join up with the Ethereum Virtual Machine on the Ethereum Blockchain and works even with the package-lock.json dependencies file deleted!

I participated in this tutorial today too. You can see my name in parts of the chat replay.

As my dear old Dad always used to say:- 'Ear all, see all, say nowt; Eat all, sup all, pay nowt; And if ivver tha does owt fer nowt – Allus do it fer thissen.'

I have studied this Moralis tutorial as well and see it as an effective way of more easily integrating data bases into Dapps and getting up to speed on projects in double quick time.

Potential employers could pay me to do any of the above for them maybe...think about it.

Advice on how to get a blockchain job...

I released an nft mp3 on OpenSea at this link, my first NFT really after all these months of learning.


Some back end work I did recently

Some front end work I did recently

Today's FT article Dec 6th 2022

ChatGPT the way things are going. My dream assistant really. Can do it now, most things with this.