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This is more of a work/employment based website now with links to for some truth about me and Dapp University where I took a course in dropping NFTs for prospective employers/contractors. Also there will be a link to a smart contract I deployed to the main ethereum blockchain for a full gas fee payment with Metamask verified for another full gas fee in memory of my Dad who died during my training.

ArthurPoole19262021 ethereum blockchain verified contract memorial

To follow on from my techy Dad for US$500 I will put a solidity Dapp contract on the ethereum blockchain for whatever word clients want as a contract word instead of ArthurPoole19262021 and supply two ipfs links with your data as permanent evidence and a permanent record.

I built in on Remix saving the IPFS links for bytecode and abi json I verified on etherscan with an ethereum loaded metamask account and the injected web3 setting in remix. My next job is to repeat similar in truffle on a testnet like rinkeby in the youtube above to get more IPFS links for new bytecode and abi json and a contract address. Not sure if the rinkeby contract address is good for etherscan though. Yes it is I just found out on with the rinkeby contract deployment address from remix

As my dear old Dad always used to say:- 'Ear all, see all, say nowt; Eat all, sup all, pay nowt; And if ivver tha does owt fer nowt – Allus do it fer thissen.'